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Martin Luther King, Jr. High School's ...Stories To Remember - EP #118


... This thriller is a first in the short history of M. L. K., Jr. High School in Dekalb County, Georgia. These students have simply, "showed out", in the play co-written by our guest, Mrs. Donna Maddox-Newsome. We constantly say, "what goes into the computer, is just what you will get out of it." Speaking in terms of the mind of our youth. Mrs. Maddox-Newsome is an artist and has demonstrated through the talents of these students that today's youth still have HOPE! Support this theatrical department of M. L. K. Jr. High School, as well as OPEN WINDOW TELEVISION, with your order today. The entire play is also available on video for your purchase of support too. Contact us about this product by email or phone.

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