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inside r.v.& r.

R. V. & R. VIDEO'S leadership is composed of O. Curtis White, Executive Producer/Director, Vickie White, Hostess, Ricardo White, Production Co-ordinator and Antonio White, Management Consultant.

Most of the guest are selected by its board with final approval through its executive director. The director, O. Curtis White is also charged with the day-to-day operational functions. His qualifications come through years of experiences in the area of photography, videography and business management of other businesses. His educational degree is from Morris Brown College with a BS in Accounting.

Vickie White is a School Social Worker, now retired from the Dekalb County, Georgia Schools. In this area, she has the experience of family problem-solving across many ethic levels and communities. She is responsible for handling the selected program guests, interviewing the guests, and making them totally comfortable and at ease during this sometimes fearful task of television. She has been the recipient of many awards and certificates during her tenure with the school system and this award-winning television program.

Ricardo T. White, a recipient of a BA from Valdosta State University in Criminal Justice, manages to co-ordinate programming for this organization. As a high school junior, he decided to give back to his community by assisting in the campaign of Congress-woman Cynthia McKinney. He also offered his assistance to other youth in the neighborhood as a mentor. At the same time he maintained a full schedule of classes, marching/concert bands and varsity baseball for five years. He has carried the attitude of "one teach one" throughout his life.

Antonio R. White, also completed his undergraduate studies at Valdosta State University with a BS degree in Business Management. He was to, involved heavily in high school activities along with advance classes and athletics. He attended Florida Community College on a baseball scholarship before his completion at Valdosta State University. He started his athletic quest at the tender age of three years old through the Gresham Park Civic and Athletic Assoc. During his summers he has given back within the community through his experiences as an umpire of baseball for the same program through which he spent thirteen years as a player. Because of his degree in management, he is well able to handle difficult tasks for this program.

He is a person that meets challenges head-on with a simple smile, then evaluates the situation to search out a workable solution. Life is filled with challenges, but don't sweat the small stuff!

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